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The Return from Caacupe

It was about 7 pm when I finished mi hamburguesa completa and headed back to the bike. I put on all my gear and headed back to the highway toward home, thinking that maybe I´d take just one detour on the way back.

In front of me was a semi whose driver decided to take his truck across the center line and pass some cars. He stayed out there so long that he forced five oncoming cars onto the shoulder. Maybe it´s time to leave the main road for a bit.

My mother-in-law was born in Atyra and it´s pretty close to Caacupé so why not make a quick run out there, snap a picture, and return? That´s where the ride really took a good turn.

It´s a nice little town at the end of the paved road that is known for being clean. After 10 km of no lines painted on the road and ´dangerous curve´ signs every three dangerous curves, I arrived.

There were very few cars on the way there and I was able to keep my high beam on most of the time and kinda see the road. There was a sign for the town of Altos so I figured I needed to go there too - it´s not too late and nobody really needs me at home - the only problem was that it was one of those rock roads and 10 km on that with this bike was not going to happen. So I drove around Atyra for a bit and returned to Route 2 to continue home.

There was a burrowing owl in the middle of the road that took off and flew over my right shoulder. Pretty cool.

I hit the valley of the Lago Ypacarai and I figured I needed to visit San Bernardino since my sister-in-law had recently been there. So I turned off the main road and experienced, once again, the joy of back roads and little traffic in the darkness.

It was too beautiful and too fun and I just had to keep going. 10 km more to Altos? On a paved road this time? Gotta do it. By the time I got to Loma Grande, I knew it was going to be a really long ride.

As I continued, there was less traffic, fewer cars, and more stars. I really expected the pavement to end but it never did so I kept going. Every time I found a really dark spot, I stopped the bike, threw myself on the ground, and stared in wonder at the stars and the clearly visible milky way. Different stars, too - can´t see the north star from here.

When I hit Loma Grande, it was only 22 km to Route 3 and around 25 km back to Route 2. I had some vague idea that I could circle the lake and come back through Luque, but with no GPS and no map, I was guessing a bit.

Press on. Nueva Colombia. Emboscada and Route 3. A sign for Limpio! Yes! Limpio to Luque to San Lorenzo is a straight shot.

The original plan was Caacupé and back. This is how it turned out.

Between Routes 2 and 3 was a great ride with no traffic except for the fact that it got pretty cold in some valleys, I was totally unprepared, and there were no stores that were open. The last gas station was in San Bernardino.

80 km out and back turned into a 180 km lake loop in the darkness. I tell people this story around here and they just sit there in shock. Nobody does stuff like that around here, but it was only a bit over 100 miles.

Thanks to my wife and her family for taking care of things and kids while I was out unexpectedly until 10 pm.
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