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We paid a visit on Sunday to the Republic of Floyd, an eclectic little shop that features a mouth-watering selection of local microbrews. We've posted up pix from the ROF here on ADV before; I'll repost a couple here in a bit.

First, some snips from their homepage to give you a better idea of what the ROF is all about:

Republic of Floyd Emporium
Tired of being fiscally responsible…. dumping good money into little Timmy’s college fund…. squandering cash on groceries or foolishly investing money for retirement?

Or, perhaps you’re searching for a unique gift for that special someone you don’t really care for….. an ex-wife or your slacker nephew.

Visit our trendy ultra modern store in the heart of down town Floyd next to the historic New Mt. Mercantile. We’ve got oodles of neat stuff that has no intrinsic value or is just plain bad for you! Unique gifts, a truly fabulous wine & beer selection, gourmet snacks & more…….


Welcome To Floyd Virginia

The geographic area now known as Floyd County was first settled in 200AD...... on a Tuesday. Thirteen hundred years later the first wave of “Euro-trash” began arriving and the neighborhood has never been quite the same. Further degradation occurred a short time later when hippies and artist began moving in…… and now, low & behold, here you are!

As this brief history of Floyd amply demonstrates ..... we’re all immigrants in one fashion or another…. and, regardless of how long your stay in Floyd may be..... an afternoon or til the worms compost you.... you’ll find the people of Floyd to be quite tolerant & amicable. (Please don’t attempt to pet the hippies!) To guide your Floyd Experience we have created this marvelous website. Careful study of its contents and adherence to the “rules” disclosed within will ensure that your stay here is painless for us and somewhat memorable for you. During your Floyd wanderings remember….. a little bit of tie-dye goes a long way!

Visitor Info:

Pssst…. hey buddy, looking for a good time? If you’re new to Floyd or just visiting you’re probably wondering…. what’s the scoop on local restaurants… where are the wineries… the best place to score dope (Humboldt, California), what about that moonshine (next county over) and hookers (Princeton, WV) The Republic of Floyd website provides all the info you’ll need to maximize your vacation pleasures.

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