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Part time TAT

So as I sit here looking at the keyboard I wonder who in the world would want to read a thread about two middle aged dudes on big girls that don't have the time to ride the thing all at once. It seems as if there are way too many good reports to read here on ADV that cover the trail in detail and all we have to offer is more of the same. I guess at this point I am thinking this may be a way to document the trip as we will be taking long weekends and maybe a week at a time to make it work as best we can with our schedules so here goes nothing...
We have four days to get from north central Kentucky to Tellico Plains and west to Mississippi, doesn't sound too hard so me meet after work on a Thursday and slab it down to the Cherokee NF to camp in some really out of the way place way up in the hills. Since it was about 1AM we didn't get any pictures of the first night, all we managed to do was set up camp, drink a beer or three and fall down.

This is a nice empty overflow camp at Indian Boundary the next morning

Up way too early after a little sleep because there was some sort of carpenter bee nest in the fire pit. Those things are big enough that their wings create all kinds of noise and they were all over both our tents and actually woke me up. Very strange.
So we decided to pack up camp and find some coffee and a bite to eat. We headed back down to Tellico for some grub and the start of the trail. I was a little preoccupied about the condition of the water crossings and all since we have had a bunch of rain and we were riding the big pigs. The trail started nice enough

and then quickly gets a little rough for the big bikes. Totally doable on anything with a little suspension but we just had to go a little slower than usual no big deal.

In the first stretch of the trail I think there are four water crossings, nothing really bad about these even on a pig

But there is one catch! I think it was the third one that has some exposed slippery rock on the right and loose gravel over on the left side. We decided that I would go first and I went right. Problem was that the rut I was riding through was really tight one wrong move would have caused a fall. After I crossed we decided that Josh should try the middle as it was a little wider so he went...

and as you can see wound up walking her out
I think he tried to change the path mid stream and I couldn't get to my camera fast enough to get a picture of him picking the bike up so this will have to do. The bike was still running so no real troubles, we decided to get his electronics all dried out and take a break, 15 minutes into the ride
We did find a few dings on the bike where it had hit the exposed rock and then Josh found his rear brake lever all bent up

Trail side fix resulting in...

The remainder of the day was nice riding and after that first section was either nice graded gravel and dirt or small paved roads.

I really think Tennessee gets a bad rap from lots of the hard core off road guys but for the big bikes we really enjoyed it. There were some interesting sections and we made the most of it.

I think we made it as far as Monteagle, TN where we found a room and got a bite to eat. We were both tired and crashed out early.
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