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Originally Posted by rebelpacket View Post
Thanks for your kind words GypsyWriter! Glad you are enjoying the report, and I hope you can get out there on your 1150GS with your pooch!

Lola has absolutely fallen right into the trip. She's got progressively worsening hips, and at home she occasionally yelps when she gets up, or jumps down from things.

I was really worried that long days in the sidecar would take their toll on her. However, she really seemed to love travelling day-to-day, and she hasn't yelped about her hips since. Almost like the trip had ADDED years to her life.

Who knew? Take your dog for a sweet adventure, and they'll get better!
So wait, there are 2 different ADV'ers traveling from Canadia to Mexico in sidecars with dogs on the great divide right now?

Glad you are OK RP!
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