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Originally Posted by wbbnm View Post
Instead we switched to your and Crawdaddy's tracks along the rim of the canyon. So we climbed the hill much further south. It was still a bit of a challenge for the bigger bikes.
There are actually 5 "roads" South of the highway that go down the lower part of the mountain. The one Jerry just did is the farthest North. The one I think you did is the furthest South. There are two more near the Southern-most one. One is fine up or down, but the other is impossible up, and may require some walking or "trials" riding the bike down (as Russell and I did). The only one I haven't done is in one of Crawdaddy's old tracks. It's roughly half way between the one Jerry just did, and the one furthest South. It's also impossible up, and partial walk the bike down (not much actual road the last quarter mile), plus you have to go way around a fence at the bottom.

North of the highway there are several more roads, some of which are impossible up and very challenging down.
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