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I wouldn't do it!

Originally Posted by Tropic-Of-Canada View Post
Going to try to bribe an official and get into Alaska without a passport!
With all due seriousness, I would not fart around with the border.

The US is at an elevated alert level, and I have known of people who have, and you could find yourself with a US travel ban and possibly even a Interpol record.

If you do make it onto US soil, the Canadian border officials have sent people back across the border if it was obvious they enter the US illegally.

Way back in the 90's (ie. pre 9/11) a friend's brother was visiting from France with another friend. This friend did not have a US visa. But went to Detroit anyway. Upon returning the Canadian officials sent the car back across the border, where the car was impounded and all 3 of the kids arrested.

IIRC Hyder does not have an official US border patrol office/gate, but the Canadian side does.

If you do not have a US Green Card, NEXXUS card, or Passport, I would not do it!

At the end of the day, with a Canadian D/L they will let you back into Canada, but very possibly not until AFTER the US Customs/Border are done with you.

This just might be a brain fart from a Canadian who is a legal resident of the US.

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