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still day two

Early this morning while packing up we were checking the weather. It seems there has been storms just to our north and west and they would be moving our way some time later in the afternoon. With the Strom sorted we were heading west along the trail when Josh needed to stop for a smoke and get his rain gear out and handy.

Well what do you know, now we hear thunder off in the distance and the skies are not looking to inviting off to the west. CRAP! too early in the day for this mess...

I'm absolutely sure that my inability to prepare for the weather caused the storms to blow up over us as I had no rain gear. All I could do was zip on the wind breaker and go.

About an hour into the rainy ride I hit something in the road with my rear wheel but since it was raining I decided to push on until I could safely take a look. A few more minutes down the road the rear end starts to feel a little strange so I pulled over for a look. Josh was in the lead and took off down a narrow hill. As I hopped off the bike I kinda slipped and as I tried to gain my footing, the bike slipped from my hands on the hill and it was over. My only thought was how in the world was I going to right the big pig with fuel spilling out all over the place, in the rain, by myself. I must have found some super human strength cause she came up easy enough and by the time Josh got back to check on me I had fixed the handlebars (adjustment) and picked up the broken turn signal. No real harm done other than my pride. I think Josh has a picture of the oil slick.
Turns out the rear tire is fine and I really didn't do any damage so all of this was just me being stupid...

We rode on for about an hour and the rains just kept coming and seemed to get heavier. Josh had a fantastic idea about a spot he knew of and it was decided! We would head off the trail a bit to get to some warm dry clothes, beers and boobies!

Boy were we disappointed when we found this! CLOSED!!!

Josh tried the website and everything he could think of to make sure we weren't going to miss this but it was not meant to be

He was real sad we had to ride on...

But it was all good, we rode down into Alabama to get out of the rain and got a free BBQ sandwich from the nice folks at Lawlar's BBQ in Athens! Highly recommended!

I was going to get a picture of the food but it was gone way too quickly

Since it was warm and dry in Alabama we figured we would do a little sight seeing and riding around the north of the state.
Josh is goofing off as usual!

We were going to stay in the Joe Wheeler State Park but they wanted about $40 to put up two tents on two sites We told them what they could do with that and went to find a room in nearby Rodgersville and have grub in town. Good day all in all but I will always wonder what would have went down if Josh would have been let loose in the Booby Bungalow!!!???
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