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Third and final trail day

We were a little quicker to move this morning as we had a good nights rest and were ready to hit some of what Josh was calling better roads. Don't get me wrong, up until this point there were some great roads but I definitely think the roads get better as you move to the west of I-65...anyway a few shots of the goodness!

Now since the only water we rode through yesterday had been the rain, I was really waiting for the wide crossing that everyone is supposed to have trouble with. I was surprised at how many water crossings we did today, maybe six?

Some not too deep but careful, it could be slippery!

Now it seems to me about this time that the landscape is changing a little and we have some nice views, not to mention the roads were starting to impress me more and more. This is what I always thought the TAT would be about!

Some more water to clean off the bikes

Real hard to see in this next photo but the road is about dead center and we were headed that way, good fun riding here!

We both thought this sign was funny so we had to get a pic

Wow, now that I am looking at all these photos I'm starting to wonder if I ever led? For some stupid reason I made the tracks into routes and not all of them would work. Josh says he uses tracks and I think in the future I will do the same!

More H2O

and good riding while headed towards Picwick

There is one bridge that I didn't document that has been noted in other reports as having a hole in the right side at the far end. As we started on a road I don't remember the name of it was paved then shortly turned to dirt and gravel. As we went by there was a family standing out in the front yard and some kids with dirt bikes so I waved...little did I know that they would fire them up and chase us! COOL KIDS! We got down to the bridge and someone had piled up a bunch of dirt just in front of it maybe to keep folks from going thru but that wasn't going to stop us! The kids rode right in behind us and I think they were waiting to see if we would turn the big girls around but we were having none of it, a little dirt kicking and mashing and we were both up and over. The little dudes both followed for a bit and then went screaming off to the north in some adjacent corn field. If you are in the area of the Tennessee River just before you come to the dam you may see these two young advriders so stop and say hello.

Obligatory photo op of the adjustable turbine...COOL stuff for sure!

Now there was a few little wooden bridges but I think this is the second one. Loose boards but fine for the bikes.

Then more of this before you hit the lake and on to Mississippi!

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