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Geez Tim way to leave something out for me to heckle! Great write up. I sent you the link to my pics but I may have a few on the phone as well. As soon as I get to it I will pull the videos from the Gopro, including my Friday fall in the creek, and get them to you. Folks if you could only see this grown mans face when the bungalow had the signage removed. He looked so devastated, as of he could not go on. Also, the truck stop at that exit with the greasy spoon inside is currently closed for remodelling.

I do feel that I need to note, in order to receive the free really delicious BBQ sandwich, you need to stop at the AL welcome center for a coupon/business card and then tell the fine folks at LawLers where you are from. Really nice people there serving some great grub.

This was my second time running TN and the tracks were a little different than the roll chart and topo. The big bikes were much more fun than the KLR last time. All in all it was a great ride with good company. I'm sure more will come to me later but I'm busy trying to reintegrate at my local watering hole right now.

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