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Day One part 2

There was a nice mix of twisty pavement and gravel roads in to the shady trees of the Mt Hood national Forest. Here is Leenpockets rolling in and executing a fine left corner.

At the Ollalie Lake junction we decided that it was still too hot and we would just have to take the 10 mile total detour in the opposite direction of our final destination for another swim.

I'm so glad we did because it was a fun little road to ride down there and we had it all to our self's! And off goes the riding gear and in to the water again!

The lovley Ollalie Lake with our states 2nd tallest mountain Mt Jefferson in the background.

Wow! What a cool place we get to call our back yard! After some more dirt we hit the pavement and found a long section of road where we had to constantly dodge the most deathly pot holes that I have ever seen. Sorry did not get pix of them though because I got distracted by the pretty wild flowers growing off the sides.

Once we got to the next triple fork in the road we pulled out the Benchmark for some navi help and decided to slab it the rest of the way to our first nights camp. There is always time for photos sight seeing however!

Learn more here

While trying to get one last south face shot of majestic Mt Hood I happened to find this sure looks like one of those Portland people "put a bird" on this reflector. I like road side art improvements!

North off of the 35 past Cooper Spur we dropped elevation and stopped for a quick pic of the first farm entering the valley.

As we were closing in on camp I could not for the life of me remember how to get there. While messing with my receptionless phone Leenpockets sees a pickup across the road with two waving girls and two bikes it and says "looks like they know where we're going, let's follow them!"

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