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Cerro de Yaguaron and the Sunset

50 km on Route 1 takes you to Yaguaron and then Paraguarí. I´ve only been out there by bus - it takes a long time and you often don´t get a seat. But the towns are cute and both have hills called ´cerros´ that rise up out of the flat topography that is Paraguay. From Paraguarí:

Most of these hills don´t have any kind of ascending road, but I had been up the cerro Yaguaron and there was a path that I figured I might be able to ascend. It started with the common rock road or ´empedrado´ for a few hundred meters, turned into this road that reminded me of the slickrock of Utah,

and then became this

That´s as far as I got. That little machine just kept on chugging over the rocks on the right and I quit once I realized that there was no way I could get to the top. I was really a bit surprised that I was able to make it that far. This is what stopped me:

The huge, curved rear brake lever running below the frame smacked a bunch of rocks on the way down so I could only really use the front brake. The descent wasn´t too bad, but I could definitely use a more off-road capable bike. At the base of a steep walking ascent of the same cerro, a boy of 8 asked me if I was planning to head up the hill. I said that I had tried with the bike, but it didn´t make it. ¨No, you can only get up there walking, but I know the mountain pretty well, so if you want to come back, maybe Sunday, I can show you around.´ A tour guide! There´s always somebody who knows the place pretty well so if you want to explore, just ask around.

Then I finally captured the sun at the horizon in Paraguarí. I´ll have to take my wife out here. It´s really beautiful.

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