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Originally Posted by bumbee800 View Post
Would this work temporarily as a battery substitute. I have had a situation where my battery had suddenly lost a cell and dropped to 10v. I was able to start the bike by a jump start, but because of the very low voltage of the battery, the bike would not stay running unless a high rev was maintained. If I had this device could I disconnect the battery and temporarily connect this device in place of my battery to get back to civilization?
Hi Bum,

I would not recommend that use due to the fact that this is a different lithium chemistry and we don't have enough testing in for this particular situation. I can suggest the use as a jump starter which will get you on the road again.... but then try to keep the revs high by riding in a lower gear until you get home. The bike should have stayed running once going but the problem is many bikes alternator/startor/charging systems only kick in above 3000 rmps... so you were not getting any spark, but you should have your system checked definately. The bike should have stayed running.

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