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Water, snow & dirt too.
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I told her about the group of guys in the bus. There was more talk about me leaving Lola to take one of them back to the other group. Again, I blinked and said nothing. ďIts only about a mile back, its not farĒ. I started the Ural and rode on. I could only assume this was a group of travelers on their way back from the Rainbow Gathering in Dillon this year.

Maybe I should have given one of them a ride back there, and filled my karma points for the day. After assessing their situation though; a flat spare tire, and a bald tire that blew out on the van; it was clear that they hadnít given much thought to tire wear on a cross-country trip. Iím willing to help anyone, as long as they are willing to help themselves first. Peace and Love will get you only so far, gas and tires get you the rest of the way.
Not to worry. Karma debt only extends so far. Look at it as another "long strange trip" w/piss poor planning but probably just fine for most of the happy campers.

The Rainbows left a huge mess of garbage last time they were here in potatoland - early 2000's??? I have no issues with hippies dosing and dancing in the woods except when it impacts the land and other users.
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