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I say wing it. Reservations for everyday will be sheer agony to organize and even worse to live up to. . >
I have , indeed I have , taken trips across the USA, even in a car ,GASP with a non camper, in that time frame and stayed in motels everynight. .The trick is to know when particular toiurist traps have their particularly heavy visit ratio and move your date of approach around a bit . I have never been left in the state where sleeping in the car was required or to pitch a tent. (I do camp a lot when travelling on the bike )There was always some small mom and pop motel somewhere, even if it required travelling a bit away from the tourist burg.. Is it that important to sleep in a particular tourist trap? Make it a day trip from some less jampacked nearby sleeping town.
If you absolutely MUSt sleep there then you can still try the tack of making a reservation from a point as you start to close in. For instance use a chain motel, Motel 6 or Best Western, Americas Best Value Inn etc. etc. etc. in some town and then ask about arranging a reservation for their affiliate inthe target town for a few days later. Ask about any room cancellations, if desperate ask if they have any rooms which are temporarily out of service because of some minor problem but which they could rent to you at a slight discount if possible.Beggars cant be choosers, but there will always be a way.
If you reserve all your rooms ahead of time you will be paying through the nose. The small less expensive hotels never show up on the websites offering to get you "cheap" " best rate" hotels.I just got back from a bike trip across the US 3days ago used motels a number of times and never paid more than $ 79 for a room , expensive in my book. But the mentioned Internet sites have the gall to claim rooms of $135 to $175
as. "Cheap !"
Pick up the discount coupon books available at tourist information booths, many freeway rest areas and services and online. If you read through these you will get a feel for where the hotels are available and prices .Then you can make a reservation there if you feel panic setting in . Otherwise just go there and ask around and take what is offered
Of course if money is no obstacle then this posted question was not needed

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