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Hurricane Summer

My first new bike was a '87 Honda Hurricane 600, the pearl white paint with the red stripes, when I was around 19 years old. I was a very cool bike (still is) and in a way the bike I learned how to ride on, though I had ridden a few 125/250cc dirt bikes. Back then, that was the hottest bike around (it and the Ninja 600) and I had a very hard time finding one, but eventually did, just across the river from St. Louis where I lived, in rural Illinois. Paid $3800 for it, and was shocked as hell that I got approved for the loan when I applied. My buddy Jewish David, who had more experience riding than I did, rode it home from the dealer back to STL for me. The Hurricane was more or less my transportation that summer, and I think the note was around $90/month, which I could swing selling swanky hifi gear part-time while I was in college. Jewish David sold hifi with me, and all summer we would take turns covering the store while the other one went out riding the Hurricane. Being sort of a textbook squid myself at the time, before the term squid existed, it never occurred to me that it wasn't a good idea to loan my bike. One night Jewish David asked if he could use my bike for the evening, and I let him. The next morning he called with the bad news; he crashed the Hurricane, and it had been towed to the local Honda dealer. He was flying through his neighborhood at night, riding too fast, got into a corner too hot and stood up the bike and went into a neighbor's yard. Unfortunately, the neighbor was watering the yard, and he went down hard, narrowly missing a tree, and the Hurricane flew into a hedge, bounced up into the side of their house, and literally shattered the beautiful white and red bodywork into hundreds of pieces that littered the yard.

We went to the Honda dealer, and I asked to see my bike. The guy led me into a room with 5-6 of them, all in various states of damage. When I asked him which one was mine, he said take your pick, it doesn't really matter! I had to have my insurance company sort it out, and they hammered my rates afterwards. Jewish David spent the rest of the summer fixing the neighbor's yard and landscaping, and paying my insurance deductible and rate hike. It was around $2k to fix, and I sold it right after I got it back repaired, for pretty close to what I paid for it actually.

I still scan Craigslist and Ebay for those bikes, and would love to have another one for nostalgia's sake. Jewish David lives on the west coast now, and we chat every couple of years and it seems like the Hurricane always makes it's way into the conversation!
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