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Going South: A Ride for First

With my mind always looking for the next motorcycle trip, my two week vacation in Ohio was in trouble. Thinking about going home made me want to see my family and friends but also led me think about the great riding I was missing back that way too. So thoughts of day tripping to weekend adventures evolved into a 5-day trip from Ohio down to Georgia, riding some old Cb750s with my friend Aaron from high school. I would be leaving the Tiger in Mass. this time and caging it to Ohio.

Before the trip even started, getting my CB up to ride worthy and reliable state was in question until the day we left. Up till the trip it has only seen short day trips and usually was a continual work in progress every time I road it. Plus it had sat all summer since I last went home back in April with the diagnosis of needing the carbs cleaned, brake pads replaced, new alternator/rotor, along with other electronic parts. I ordered the parts and left it up to my Dad to get it back in shape. No fault to him, two days before the trip none of the above have been done as the rotor was seized on the bike. My dad had spent the last 2 weeks trying to soak with penetrating oil and put tension on the rotor to pop it off with no luck. Just getting the bolt of the rotor was a day's job, it had been extremely over tightened. He also stripped the puller we had and nearly the spare we purchased too. Not believing his story when I arrived I promptly tried to get it off with a puller and some heat. Everything I read made it seem to be a pretty easy job. After an hour I gave up, we ended up having to cut the rotor so we could split it with a chisel to relieve the tension. Spending a day getting the rotor off the rest was smooth sailing with the exception of getting one carb to stop pissing gas everywhere.

Time for a test ride with Dad. We hardly ever get to ride together but its a lot of fun when we do. His bike a 1985(?) CB450 Nighthawk and was my backup if the CB750 was down. I was defiantly trying to avoid having to take it too. It a nice bike but to small for me and a little down on power and braking compared to was I'm used too.

Test ride complete the bike seems to be be good but the next day I start to make the 100 mile ride to my grandparent's where I'm staying. With a different carb is pissing a little gas now and then. Oh well better than the last one which pissed everywhere at stoplights, etc. This one only did it when the bike was off. Ignoring any other problems Aaron and I meet up the next morning and we start booking it down to WV.

For the record Aaron's bike is the blue 1981 CB750C. He bought it at the beginning of the summer with the orginal tires on it and about 3000 miles on the clock. He put some work into it and it's a fine bike. Mines white with the "AMERICA" sticker on the tank and topcase, a 1980 CB750F.

The nice little switchback road on the way up and down to the gorge bridge.

Day one weather looked like rain most of the day with only one 10 minute downpour. Other than that it just sprinkled here and there.

Good riding around New River Gorge.

Bluestone Lake & Dam

Night one we stop at Pipestem Resort State Park. We saw probably close to 100 deer in the park on are way to the campsite. Glad we weren't out riding too much in the even that day.

More to come...
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