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Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
I was surprised to hear the comms saying during Hungary that Kimi hadn't been paid. It is a shame that such a promising team is struggling just when it appeared to be breaking through. Halting all development dooms them.
i used to be torn between technological free-for-all, race-what-you-brung, and a more regulated series that offered more opportunity for small team success.

hell, f1 now has a reasonably well-defined set of regulations and cost controls and it's still not looking sustainable for several teams.

i have no idea what the answer is. i'd still like to see indycar execute its plan for modular aero parts, but open wheel racing in the us is probably going to require a much tighter spec than something as globally popular as f1. these teams just flash in and out of existence, and unless you have a huge red bull-like sponsor your odds of success are limited.
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