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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Very cool bike Salvador ... y carrisimo en Colombia, no? Y, muy pesada tambien. Como 230 kgs.

This weight is what BMW claim to be the "wet weight". I doubt this ... and would bet a dollar it's at least 530 lbs. wet. .. or more.
Now ... fill up your hard bags (about 40 lbs. alone, unloaded) with all your crap ... now what weight are you up to?

To me, this bike goes down a dead end road for anyone serious about exploring off road. Sure, it's smaller, lighter than the 1200 GS, but not all that much lighter in the ADV form shown above.
If you stay on road ... or only ever do easy dirt roads ... PERFECT. But I for one would never take that bike on a trail of any kind, or into deep sand or mud. YMMV.

Here is my "middle of the road" bike. And it's dirt cheap too ....
The GS looks pretty good.

Tell us how you managed to get your bike to Mars??
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