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Originally Posted by green hell View Post
these teams just flash in and out of existence, and unless you have a huge red bull-like sponsor your odds of success are limited.
Red Bull isn't a sponsor, they own two teams.

In one respect, they are the way forward. Unlike car manufacturer teams, Red Bull's core business doesn't suffer when their cars fail to perform. Even when its mentioned that a Red Bull or Torro Rosso has expired beside the circuit, their product gets a mention and it doesn't harm the product.

At first glance, F1 seems like the perfect place for car manufacturers but as Honda, BMW, Renault, Jaguar (to mention the most recent) have found, success on the track is elusive and extremely costly to both reputation and profits.

We will never see a return to the days of the "garagistas" - John Cooper, Bruce McLaren, Colin Chapman, John Surtees, Ken Tyrell, Jack Brabham, Peter Sauber and Frank Williams wouldn't be able to create new teams today.

The future lies with unconnected companies like Red Bull that are prepared to do more than sponsor a team, global brands that want their products splashed over TV screens world-wide and their brand name mentioned each time that the team or a car is. Naming a team "Vodaphone McLaren Mercedes" doesn't work, people just call it McLaren.

Mercedes F1 were/are under pressure from their board. Rightly or wrongly the lack of results (until very recently) has been seen as damaging the brand. If the team were owned by a brand unconnected with the car industry it wouldn't matter as much that they are under-performing.

The problem for F1 is that the brands that might have most wanted to do what Red Bull have so successfully done are prohibited from doing so - tobacco and booze brands.

Thinking of brands that might buy teams can be fun. Team Tampax F1 anyone?
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