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Old racing saying: "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday."

That hasn't been true for a long, long time. And the reverse isn't true either. Failure to win races doesn't cost Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Renault, or before them Toyota and BMW, any sales.

What it does do is cost them horrendous amounts of money which they find difficult to justify, especially when the world economy goes into the tank. The reason they find it difficult to justify is because there is no relationship between car sales, and success or failure on the track.

It's a branding exercise, and a very expensive one.

Red Bull doesn't just sell a drink. It has very successfully marketed its high caffeine content, and the concomitant rise in blood pressure and alertness, as an adventure. Red Bull slaps its logo on F1 cars, aerobatic airplanes, all manner of youth extreme sports and even parachutists diving from the edge of space.

It's a fantastically successful, holistic brand sell intended to appeal to youth and young adults. One reason Red Bull left NASCAR may well have been its aging demographics.

So you're never going to see Team Tampax in F1. The brand doesn't fit.

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