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Originally Posted by KnowFear View Post
I see that the Adventure kit will include the hardware to adjust the shock length and travel, but it sounds like there will be no change to valving. Is that right? If so, won't this create an imbalance in terms of the rear being able to keep up with the front in handling gnarly terrain?

There's 2 aspects to suspension performance; hardware and tuning. We provide the best in hardware so your suspension shop can tune it to meet your individual needs. If you ran the factory valving it wonldn't create a huge imbalance, but since the shock has to come apart anyhow, I recommend having your local suspension shop adjust the valving to suit your riding style. You can always do this yourself if you have knowledge and experience with the WP product. You'll need a couple special tools as removing the factory shock body is a bit tricky...

Out back: The variances in KTM Adventure use makes it impossible for me to create a one setup fits all solution. Do you ride solo or with a passenger? In the saddle or on the pegs? Aggressive or passive? Luggage or none? Just let your tuner know how you use your bike and he'll be able to set you up pretty easily. The WP5018 has been around so long that it's no mystery to any competent suspension shop...

Up front: The Íhlins TTx22 MK-II fork cartridge itself is incredibly adjustable and makes tuning a much easier task. I doubt anyone would need to make internal changes from what we deliver it with. Setting oil level, pre-load and adjusting the clickers are all easily managed. I recommend setting the oil at 380cc's, 2mm preload and both C and R adjusters at 12 clicks out. That's a good starting point and the difference from stock will blow your mind!

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