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Originally Posted by wfopete View Post
MRI results are in:

1. Nearly complete tear of the supraspinatus.

2. Dislocated bicep tendon.

3. Tiny Peripheral cyst (where, what I don't know).

I understand that 1 and 2 often go hand in hand.

Dang Kevin, I was going to suggest we try to make Unadilla next year and race in the same class. But between our bikes and our bodies all we may able to do is play spectator.

Wow Pete,

That sounds like a pretty serious set of injuries. I hope they can fix all that for you and that the recovery wont be too bad.

I'm still hoping that Unadilla will be in the cards next year. Had my knee surgery Monday. It seemed to go well but I am more sore than the 1st time. I guess it should be expected as they had more work to do. I go back to see doc tomorrow. Told me some details after the procedure but I was too groggy to catch all of it. Still, I think I will be in OK shape once the swelling goes down.

Good luck with your stuff!
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