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Bluhduh GS front tire storage flat

I've tried the search function to look for info on this, but for some reason all I get is a blank second window. Anyway, the problem is this: before moving to Hawaii for two years, I parked my '95 GS 1100 in my sister's garage in Kansas. I left it on the side stand to minimize the space it took up, and to make it more difficult for them to accidentally knock it over. So, I'm back from Hawaii, charged the battery, and it started right up . Problem is the front tire will not hold air pressure. I put it on the center stand yesterday and pumped it up again, hoping that it being on the center stand would help equalize the pressure all around the bead as I pumped it up. Checked this morning and it has lost pressure again . I'm considering using a Fixa-Flat sealer or similar product, but thought I would ask an expert first. So, any recommendations before I use the sealant, and is there a better product than Fix-a-flat you would recommend? Any info greatly appreciated.
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