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tire flattened,,won't hold air,,what to do????

Originally Posted by Conbrio View Post
,,,,,,,Problem is the front tire will not hold air pressure. I put it on the center stand yesterday and pumped it up again, hoping that it being on the center stand would help equalize the pressure all around the bead as I pumped it up. Checked this morning and it has lost pressure again . I'm considering using a Fixa-Flat sealer or similar product, but thought I would ask an expert first. So, any recommendations before I use the sealant, and is there a better product than Fix-a-flat you would recommend? Any info greatly appreciated.
First off let's figure out where the tire is leaking,,,,i assume the tire is mounted /seated on the bead,,that it actually pumps up and then gradually loses air.

Rx = get some soapy water/windex and spray it around all the bead areas and sidewalls of tire and rim....
the usual culprtits are :
1,,weepage in the area where the rim is welded together[directly opposite the valve stem [assuming you have a X-laced wire wheel]

2,, weepage around the sealing area caused by your tire getting deformed and /or hardened while experiencing severe cold in the barn Rx = get a new tire.

3,,weepage through the tire carcass itself...Rx = get a new tire

4,,check around the valve stem and/or the shroeder valve..FYI some olderbikes have experienced corrosion under the valve stem and/or the anodizing surrounding the valve stem..Rx = replacing valve stem/thoroughly clean the corroded area// using JB Weld to fill in the lost metal...

FYI,,using Fix a Flat is fine for minor leaks ,,it is a stop gap measure to get ya to the nearest place to properly deal with the is highly corrosive on alloy rims and will ruin your rim if left in there more than a short period of time ie circa 3 months

hope that helps ,,let us know your findings/Rx


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