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So, how tricky is negotiating those boulders at the end of the bridge. Looks like fun, but the idea of braking me or the bike is the main reason why I want to find some local people to ride with. Whenever I come on an interesting obstacle I can't help but thinking how long it would be before anyone could find me out here.

The bike is coming back together nicely. If the rain holds off I may get out and play some sunday.
I rode across with no issue after walking across first to scout a line(there's 8 more miles of trail and 2 more creek crossings on the far side before you hit the gate at SC line, so it's worth it ). It's a bit disconcerting if you haven't crossed before and especially if you're by yourself, but there is a good line there. From the viewpoint where photo was taken, center up between tire marks on steel bridge, drop onto left (camera's left) side of biggest rock then come straight out/down across small rocks in middle.

Goal is to keep front tire out of a big crevice - that's when things go sideways. Let the rear tire go where it likes, keep the front on line, and use moderate steady throttle feathering clutch to control speed.

First time across (coming towards camera) I paddle footed it due to having highway gears on bike and not being real comfortable with the speed required for feet up riding (no one around to help if I screwed up). On the way back I went up/over/down at about 10mph with no drama. A better rider, especially on a smaller bike, would have zero issues. And the Graham Jarvis types would wheelie across it at 50mph, so it's all a matter of perspective

I'm out of town for business currently, headed home tomorrow afternoon, so riding is out for me this weekend- doing the family thing with the remainder. Then I head out Wed for MotoGP at Indy However, the following weekend I would be down for a ride.
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