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Originally Posted by JayhooRay View Post
Dude! Nice pics! excellent thread reply! Fellow Inmates, bring it!

I actually read this thread start to finish tonight as prep for this year heats made me laugh...

still trying to sell the Dakar...

still feel the ADV Love and Sass...

If I can figure out an appropriate time and place I'll post a party invitation in the regionals or something...a gathering...and we can get our meet on!

I think I must have wrote some of those posts drunk or something...the spelling is pretty emberASSing.
I get only three days to prep.... will be out there by Saturday the 24th for the BRC Airport stuff... So i am trying to get done the rest of the samurai-ing of my stuff from last year to hang with the Abraxas dragon group. I wish i had time to do another sculpture this year... but with all the other art commitments i have had no time. Plus this coming week i have to go guide motorcycle in the Colorado Back Country for M-F... then deliver art the next monday in Denver then pack for the Burn... The Burn will actually be a notch turned down from my normal day... Will camping around 400 and Extratrisial this year...normally on a corner...there will be a 30-40 triangle tower (radio style) with a major red or blue lazer on top that you can see from all the way across the playa... we changed the name of the camp this year from Nexicon to The Snuggery Bunnies... so i guess i got to get the fur out this year.... .... normally the camp leaders wife does a Naughty Monkey theather in the evenings.... things happen to the boy monkey... so stop by and ask for Mike Rand or Outback UFO...

more picts

From out of a dream I rode to beyond the Horizon. Got Adventure? The Zen Gear

One Meteior Crater surrounded by a lot of roos, emus, Yowies, drop bears and one major flood in the driest desert on Earth... There still was a bottle of red with dinner.

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