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just rode the bike. i like it much better then the k60. brakes and accelerates better, and much smoother when leaned over. very impressed so far, i cannot wait for the 150. i only rode it 20 miles on pavement. i will do a good mixed surface test tomorrow.

150 k60 vs 140 karoo, both dismounted. i did not measure them dismounted, only mounted on the wheel. the 140 k3 is 1/4" narrower then the 150 k60, both inflated. nearly the same.

as you can clearly see, the 150 k60 is molded for a much wider wheel. it took 3x and a lot of lube to seat the beads.

the sidewall bulges a bit because the tire is stretched on the 4.25 wheel. it is not quite VW stunna stretch, but i can picture it cutting a sidewall if you are spinning while leaned over on a sharp rock. no biggie, 150 will fix that.

even stretched, the k3 is much more curved then the k60.

mounted on the bike

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