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will work for tires
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Nice pics Rodney. Thanks for posting.

I recently removed a set of K60's from my bike as well... not a fan.

I typically run knobbies (Pirelli Rally front & rear are a hard deal for me to beat right now), but I bought a Karoo 3 rear to see if I can make it last the 4,000 ish miles I try to get out of the front knobbie. I'd go through 2 rears to a front w/ the Rally. If it does, I'll be thrilled , especially for the price of the 140.

Unfortunately most of the riding I do is lame... commuting, gravel grids in the midwest, etc. But when I have the chance to hit the trails, sandy river bottoms, and other areas, I hate having a 50/50 tire on. For street use, the knobbies offer enough grip for me to ride to the edge of the knobs. I am lacking street binder power on the SE anyway, so the knobbies keep me in check.

The jury is still out as of now... only 1,200 miles on the rear right now, but I can say:
-Road grip is no worse than K60.
-Forward drive on gravel/dirt/sand is much better than the K60. The knob spacing I'm sure has everything to do w/ this.
-Side to side role is easier & more progressive with no surprises (yet).
-Lateral stability/traction isn't as good as knobbie but much better than the K60 or Mefo.
-Noise is not obtrusive for me at all. I'm use to knobbies though, so I dont expect it to be a Cont. TA.
-They are wearing evenly w/ minimal cupping

No feedback on sidewall stiffness, mud, or slab w/ heavy load yet.

If I had any balls, I'd run this set for my upcoming trip, but a part of me doesn't feel like trying to be conservative with my right wrist... 3,000 or so miles w/ lots of slab, twisites, and dirt/rock. Dare me? I'd kinda feel like a guinea pig, but it would be a good test. I'll probably be packing an extra rear along.

I'll post an update when I have more time on it.
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