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Originally Posted by Renner View Post
...I was invited to take this out for a 'quick' warm-up ride before a tune-up refinement session today...

... damn quick it was.
Thanks for taking it out! next time you can ride it AFTER we sort it out;)

It was an exciting day yesterday...

I had a good news, bad news, good news, bad news, good news scenario:

(good) the throttle cables I ordered from the BeemerShop showed up, i buttoned up the bike and BOOM - the bike was fucking awesome!

(bad) for 5 minutes. then died and I coasted to the side of the road about a mile from my house.

(good) Renner and Jan gave me advice over the phone and I have a FULL tool kit on the bike. they immediately thought it was timing, but I hadn't really messed with timing so i checked carbs, coil connections, sparks, etc. Renner and Jan STILL thought it was timing so I pulled the front cover and what did i find? the little 10mm nut that holds the ATU on fell right off. geez. with all the admonishments to not tighten it too much, i had not tightened it enough. I put it back on and BOOM the bike started right up.

(bad) (un?)fortunately, while messing with the carbs I got gasoline all over my leg because I couldn't get the float bowls to stop filling and they overflowed all over my leg - and got a gasoline chemical burn on my oh so sensitive skin - so instead of riding around more, i started to ride home to wash my leg - and the bike died again and I had to push it a block to my house. turns out, i had messed up the float bowl worse, and cut off the gas and it basically just ran out of gas on the right side.

(good) I got it back on the lift at home out of danger of being hit by a car and fixed the carb pretty easily. Renner called me back and said he and Jan were running over to Jan's and invited me over. So i got back on the bike, rode around the neighborhood, tested the bike a bit, decided it was good, and got my butt to Jan's! It was fantastic! the pulls like a BOSS!

Once at Jan's we fiddled around quite a bit more than I anticipated. Jan sold me a Thunderchild diode board for a great price (he just had an extra lying around!), so we installed that, lubed the ATU, set the timing properly, and adjusted the carbs. (I should say that Renner adjusted the carbs and set the timing - thanks buddy!!!) the bike is running GREAT and has insane acceleration! Seriously, I roll hard on the throttle in first and it LEAPS forward and lifts the front end off the ground a bit (WHEEE!!) - i'm not one for wheelies, but it is pretty cool;)

I had a scheduling conflict so couldn't put any more miles on the bike, but I'm going to get out today a bit:)
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