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i will mirror jrod's assessment of the 140 karoo. i put 180 miles on mine today, on a lot of mixed surfaces. seasonal use roads, big gravel, sand, small gravel, dirt and asphalt. there was wild spinning in the beginning, but i tapered that down as the day wore on. the tire is a marked improvement over the k60 offroad, at the expense of wear. the tire sticks WAY better then the k60 on the road, especially leaned over. last 30 miles was all pavement, as it was getting late and i needed to get home. i am fairly happy with it, especially for the price. i would have to see how the 150 wears, but if it wears at the same rate, i will run 140's instead.

10 miles

40 miles

80 miles

180 miles

the only issue i had, was leaned over in the dirt she felt a tad odd, most likely my fault since i am stretching the tire on the 4.25" wheel. all in all, i am very happy with the tire. as soon as i get a 150, i will post up.
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