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The plan for the weekend was to embrace Winter, Weather, Water and untamed Ways with 2 Wheels.

Our remote outpost in the Uruweras' was opened Friday evening with a fire in a hearth suiting a medieval castle.

Chris arrived with his minimal Kit of 1 can=1 meal, KFC and 2 knobbly tyres. Entertainment for the early evening was everyone crowding around Chris to give him advice on tyre changing, with every now and then someone jumping in to grab a tyre leaver!

Chris even kindly demonstrated how to repair a holed tube

Rosie! and I were going to show the boys how to ride over logs, however, we realised (at the last moment) our tread had mysteriously become inappropriate for the task!!
Plan F was activated ... ride the back roads through forestry, native bush and frost flats to the Napier/Taupo Highway (HW 5)

My Guide Rosie!

A washed out culvert provided a water feature

Awsome frost flats here ...

Same lookout as the boys?

After all that zoooooming around we walked to a dry lagoon and found some very small green mushrooms....

Thanks Clint and Rosie! for the awsome weekend.

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