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All week long we've been planning to go Saturday morning pick up the chrome slug. Do some homework. Take old blue up to suches, stop by t.w.o.s for alittle while then head on over to cooper creek and do alittle trout fishing. come out at wolf pen gap over to turners corner for supper & to hear the kingfish blue revival. some body talked me into liking them on fb, & I've been tring to see them sence. sounds like a good plan right..................

So Saturday moring before daylight the wife let's the dogs out. They're raising hell, I tell robin it's probably deer in the yard. She steps out side and yells "mark, horses in the yard, horses in the yard."

I step out side and flash a light at 7 horses eating grass in the yard. I'm thinking if I can keep these guys in the yard, I won't have to cut the grass. About then the last horse in line takes off running for freedom, down the driveway & down the road they go.

As a side note I've leased my pasture to a woman down the roads ex-husband.

Back to the story I grab my pants and take off to see where these horses have gone. And yes you guessed it they are in the exwifes yard. (not a bad thing they get along fine now)

I get robin to bring some rope & park her car in the road with hazard lights going.

Owner shows up we make halters out of rope. We get a couple walking with us we head up tru a field of knee high wet grass, rest of horses follow us yea this is gonna work. I get to the top of the hill (fatman breathing hard) i'm by my self, well except for the horse of course.
I turn the horse loose in the upper pasture start back to see what happened to every one else. You guessed it the horse I put in the pasture bet me back

Now theres 6 of us and 7 of them so we managed to get em back in the pasture and get the fence repaired & i felt like I didn't need to go to the gym

Robin was taking the neice & nepews for bookbags, etc.. She cut that short to take me to get the chrome slug. We got there & they'd forgot I needed a back dounut. So we left it there.

oh well

We got home did some homework, some napping I was on the computer, when I said old shit horses are out again... wait not horses

I got the bike ready, cooler, jackets, fishing poles, she got up & the rain set in.

ok we gave up on today, theres always tomorrow.

as the peacher said this morning "all is good"
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