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Introducing Back Road Equipment LLC

Introducing Back Road Equipment LLC

Back Road Equipment LLC was formed to bring some innovative new products to the dual sport accessory market. My goal is to provide high quality innovative products that solve problems for dual sporters. I have no intention of making copies of what is already available on the market; our products have to offer something unique or different.

Our first product is a rear rack for all years Kawasaki KLR 650s. This rack features a cut out for stock tool pouch access, a bolt pattern for a Rotpax container and the most unique feature a very slick quick connect top box mount. This quick connect is called the “Slider System”. More about this KLR specific product later.

What is a Slider and how was it developed?

When it came time to put pannier racks on my dual sport ninja it was quite evident that I was going to have to build something, let’s face it Motorcycle Superstore was not going to have racks for long travel Ninjas.

I made a list of characteristics that was important for these luggage mounts and came up with this:

Adaptable – The racks needed to be able to mount top loader or side loader boxes, aluminum or plastic.

Quick connect - I wanted to be able to take the bags off easily without tools and take them in the motel room with me. Removal had to be done without opening the box and spilling the contents on side opening bags.

Forgiving – The racks needed to be able to take a hit from the ground, tree or boulder without breaking the bike, the racks or the boxes.

Light weight – No brainer.

Low cost – Nobody wants to spend a paycheck on some steel tubing to hold a couple boxes on their motorbike.

Look good – Nobody wants to put ugly on his or her motorbike.

These criteria led to rack design that I built for the Ninja. This rack design was going be tested immediately as I had a Colorado back country ride planned. The key design trait was the rack main body, a 3/16” 6061 aluminum plate (light weight) with 2 horizontal grooves cut into it. These grooves would allow 4 plastic pucks bolted directly to the Pelican case (adaptable) to slide into the aluminum plate from the rear (quick connect). The Pelican case was hooked to the plate by a rubber strap that acts as a shock cord. If the box took an impact from the front, it would slide backwards in the grooves and the rubber strap acts like a shock absorber (forgiving).

The rack system looks like no other rack on the market and has kind of a high-tech billet look to it (looks good). The rack system worked great on the Colorado ride and I thought other advriders could use the features of this system. Unfortunately there is no market for Ninja dual-sport accessories.

My son drives a gen 1 KLR so I thought what the heck let’s see what it would take to adapt the “Slider” to the KLR. After many design iterations we have Slider production prototypes for gen 1 and gen 2 KLRs.

While designing the side racks a light bulb lit and I thought why not use the same puck mounting system for a rear rack and top box mount. The rear rack prototypes we built worked so well it was decided that we would take those to market first. Today we have rear rack top box mounts ready to ship to KLR owners everywhere.

We are finalizing testing of the rear side racks, so in the near future the original BRE product will be available. These racks have features that no one else offers and will be very competitively priced (low cost).

The first ever Slider mount on a one of a kind Ninja 650 dual-sport


Pelican cases slid into the Slider rack on the Ninja 650


Slider top box prototype on Ninja 650


Gen 1 KLR 650 with prototype Slider side rack system


Gen 2 KLR 650 with prototype Slider side and top racks


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