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I could not agree more, and it is mostly about mastering the panic and not reacting when the chair gets light.I worked on that a bit more yesterday.DB
Panic comes when a situation exceeds our experience and we have ran exhausted our bag of tricks. There are limits with every outfit. There are limits to everyone's skill envelope. Tarka makes some good points. Taking a class is not a bad idea. Reading things that have been written in this thread is a good thing also. However it will be in the practice after either of these things that thing swill begin to come together.
In my previous post I stated that your evaluation of where you went wrong was dead on. THAT means a lot!
Consider the ' What If's ' related to what happened what could have happened what could have been done or not done regarding what happened. Also maybe consider the ' What If's ' related to different types of outfits other than what you have. Lighter sidecar? Less rubber on the road. Less experience? Etc etc.
Some athletes use what has been called 'imaging'. It is imagining certain situations and what or how to react to them. This can be done as experience grows with a sidecar outfit also. Bad images can be produced by bad experiences if we want to view them that way....or we can evaluate the bad experience as you have done in an effort to see what we may have been able to do differently and turn it into a learning experience.
Like you say at the end of your posts "Patience: A minor form of despair disguised as a virtue".
Good way to look at things. We are all learning and it does take patience.

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