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Originally Posted by NorthernTraveler View Post
I'm out on a ride right now doing some scouting where I made up auto routes in CN2013.30 using Mapsource, then converted them to tracks using WinGDB.

Guess what? Not all those roads in CN were actually there! Ran across one just today - heading east out of Laramie it showed a road up the mountain just north of the expessway..... all that was there was a faint, very faint, two track mostly blocked off.

So, if you use that method to create tracks, be aware that they may not work. I've has numerous occasions of this being the case the last 3 weeks and 5800 miles...

You are learning the realities of adventure riding. Probably the majority of minor roads shown on CN are not open.

I find I have to augment my trip planning with maps that show land ownership. Minor roads on private land are rarely open. Minor roads on forest and BLM land usually are open.

A great new resource are travel management maps that are becoming available online for forest and BLM lands. At first the idea of using these was repugnant to me on the general principle of being violently opposed to land closures.

But these new maps show lots of minor roads that are actually open. They often show roads that don't appear on any other digital or paper map I have. You have to search online for the particular forest or BLM district you are interested in.
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