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Day 11. St. John area

I took it easy and slept in til 730. Murph made an excellent breakfast and after I took a walk around the neighborhood to get loosened up, we headed out later to hit signal bill and roads up north.

Lots of twisting and great overlooks. Dave knows all about the history and showed me a couple spots where the whales will feed.

I guess there used to be a light house here, but the govt took it out and put in a helipad. I'm not sure why since its at least 30km and 3 dirt roads from anything.

Had the best fish and chips for lunch served by a cute girl in yoga pants. then headed to his place.

I didn't fell like fighting the wind anymore so we didn't head south. I took a nap then we went downtown to walk around a bit.

Seal skin boots

Got a beer and sat on his deck just enjoying the day.

Had cod tongues, lobster and flipper pie for supper was all good. Seal looks like pot roast but has a richer flavor. It was good.

I really can't thank Murph enough for opening his home and showing me around for a couple days. This was the first time in my travels that I had used the tent space thread and out of all the the things I learned on this trip, this was probably the best lesson.

Make a local connection.

Its one thing to travel to and/or through a place, but to really experience it, its important for me at least, to talk with someone who lives there.
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