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Has anyone run this on a 990R (or any newer 990 with the "R power rating") with Akras and the Akra map from KTM?
FYI, the newer Adventure "R" engine does not contain anything different power wise than another Adventure, Baja or otherwise. The "R" designates the chassis differences. It's not like the "R" model SD that has different cams and such so maps are just fine.

Also, any 990 Rottweiler model is exactly the same as far as our parts go and will fit any 990 bike. We only have a "selector" button on the store so we can keep track of what models sell the most. Aftermarket companies love KTM because they just use the same stuff over and over. (With some random parts thrown in from time to time to baffle us. We get those calls with one in 1000 SD's with a funky fuel line that contacts or something. Weird.)

950's are only different with the SE and SMR models as the tanks are tight and require a different filter. The rest are the same as well. The RC8 has alot of Ram Air bits as well making that different from all the rest.

Hope that makes sense.

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