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Originally Posted by ToPointsUnknown View Post

Got it yesterday, installed it yesterday.

My initial impression is that it's a subtle, amazing little gadget. I've only been able to go on a couple quick rides so far (I'll make up for it this weekend) but I definitely notice a different feeling in the bike. Off the line it feels like a totally different bike! I might have my fiancée change the setting (without me watching) to see if its just a placebo affect but right now it feels like the best addition I've put on my gs.

Originally Posted by BluByU View Post

OH happy days

Got a package in the mail yesterday, installed today (GS911 indicates a LOWER temp-20c)

Let's see what the ride to work tomorrow is
Originally Posted by SloDon View Post

Got it! Installed it! Love it!

Originally Posted by CanoeMoon View Post

I've had mine through some hot Australian days, and now in the cold (-6C)... (not so cold for some of you folk) and that GS1100 has become a total beast.

Worth the wait. Smoothed out many hesitation issues down low, and delivers throttle response immediately. Thanks Poolside, CM.
You all are very welcome. Thanks for the reviews, folks.


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