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Originally Posted by buls4evr View Post
Only a matter of time before HDs get to run bigger ID restrictor plates..... Then it will be the same old train of potato bikes again. You can see it now. All those fans up there are wearing orange/black and they aren't cheering for KTMs. Kawasaki will not fight that move, nor will Triumph or Ducati or Suzuki or KTM. The AMA/DMG want HDs to win to keep those fans coming.
I've been going to flattrack races for 20 years, I don't know a single person that ISNT excited about other brands coming to the sport and winning.
I said it before, let Harley build something that can win, don't punish others for their hard work. I really hope the ama stands it's ground and supports the hard work that other teams are doing, instead of sucking Harleys ass by changing the rules to favor them, AGAIN.
damn, I'd love to see Honda and Yamaha in there as well, now THAT would be some great flattrack!!!!!!
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