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Runs like a stabbed rat!
07 990 with akra pipes no 02 sensors
Only getting low 30's MPG am looking into a custom map or something? CPR do you have any 07 maps coming?

We are kind of at the mercy of what we can get a hold of and from who. Some maps like 2012 Adventure R, 2008 SD and 2010 RC8 are our shop bikes but we can't really have something for all years. Admittedly, we are still trying to get good intel on what changed with KTM in the computer between 07 and 08. Bottom line is, percentage values are percentage values, and if a file we have, say Tune ECU of a certain year won't load, or the file you want is only offered in Power Commander, it is possible, (but tedious) to convert the values by hand square by square. See our post today on that here: (Post 3154)

Akropovich offers about 1 map per bike and we already have more than that so as far as standards go, we are ahead of the game but would certainly like more. If there are any Rottweiler users out there that would like to donate a map that is good that we don't have, we will send you a free Rottweiler T Shirt to say thanks. We want to build up the Rottweiler community pool of info and make this a team effort if we can with a cool reward.

What do you guys think?
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