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Originally Posted by renogeorge View Post
Spencer, what pipe setup and map are you running with the Rottweiller?


2-1 exhaust wings NOS no Baffle. Using the Akro Ti slip on tune straight from the Tune ECU site Canistorectomy done SAI turned off o2 sensors on. CPR intake with filter skin and super duke trumpets. Fresh fuel filters and injectors haven't had an issue. Has a bit of a rpm transition around 3500 buy off road is usually doesn't go below 4 or 5 so I have to to and look for the issue to notice.

I have tried several other tunes but haven't had any success to any great extent. for me this seams to work the best everywhere i have taken the bike (sea level to 6000ft) no coughs studders or issues to speak of with a minimal loss of MPG. As mentioned before I was getting 39-41 I now get 37-39.

I will say with the stock mapp once I started the bike the exhaust almost instantly started glowing red I had been messing with the bike for other issues so I had tried 100 different mapps and adjustments in the midset I put the CPR on since the bike was down. Once all the issues were fixed (not related to intake) from the bad batch of fuel I got I put everything back to almost stock (no SAI or canistor). Once he bike fired as mentioned previously it went straight to Chernobyl mode, I had to switch to the Akro Ti slip on map left o2 sensors on (read that in a previous post on here some where) and with this set up the bike has never run better.

Use to be in 2nd gear roll on throttle the front end would loft slightly maybe carry it for a bit now roll on 2nd gear the bike will flip over if your no careful. I know its not a real scientific or perfect output comparison but the increase in HP is vary noticeable. Actually the bike runs smoother and crisper then before with the previous set up, 2-1 fmf Q stock intake and OE map or modified map o2 on or off SAI on or off akro map or tweaked never seamed right this does

Hope that helps
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