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Day 6
This is the day where we leave the good ole USA and head into Canada.

We get up in the morning and leave deception pass.

Our clothes are still wet, so we head to a laundromat in the next town. The same harley couple told us about a road called chuckanut dr. We went along that road and it was a pretty cool road but it was foggy.

Natalie is using on of my old cameras because I dont trust her with the new camera we got. We trade cameras half way through the trip because she didnt destroy the test camera.

We get into town and put our clothes in a dryer. The laundromat has a Russian lady that warns us about going through Canada and saying we were going to die from a bear attack. She seems super frightened for us. We just try to brush her off nicely.

We head north to the border.

We are waiting in line and I see Natalie with the camera out. I yell at her to put it away......sigh.....

We head into Vancouver

They have a couple suspension bridge parks in North Vancouver and one of them is free. We go to the free one of course. We pull into the parking lot and I get off the bike. I didnt park the bike very good because.......well...... the bike goes over on the opposite side of the kickstand....... the same side as Natalie's 4 broken bones......she now feels sick and in pain again........oops.

I get another guy to help me pick up the bike. The right mirror came off, but you can just pop it back on.

So we regroup a bit, Natalie is mad at me. We head to the suspension bridge which is like 100 feet away.

So Natalie feels nauseous and probably going on a swinging suspension bridge just makes her madder at me.

So we head back to the bike and get on the freeway to head to the Sea to Sky highway up to Whistler.



The ride improved her mood and was happy when we got to Whistler.

Whistler was a pretty cool town and we went to the grocery store there to resupply.

We ask the information about a campsite and they are all too expensive. We head out of town to find a stealth camp spot.

So we are heading down the main road looking for a good campsite. We see a bunch of abandoned buildings and decide to take a barley used road and camp behind them. After I get off the bike to check it out, a native guy (looked like an Native American, but were in Canada?) drives up in his car and says this is our land. I complement his land and ask him if we can camp here. He says no. I wasn't surprised with our history with white vs indians. White people stealing land and all. So he gives us some camping advice and I go find the old campsite that he is talking about.

I find a dirt road and decide to go down it. It turns into a swampy land fast and we sort of slide out at a slow speed. Due to the luggage and cylinder we were still on the bike, just fallen over. We pick it up and take this picture. It was a pain to pick up because it was hard to stand on the slimy mud. Drop #2

So we manage to turn it around and I lose the backend when trying to get it out.

Drop #3, I am dead tired and we pick it up again and I managed to drive it out again without wiping out.

This is the road we went down to the swamp. Natalie is catching up after, I ride it out.

We then go a mile down the road and find a truck run off area that has a clearing for a tent site. We stop and look around. There is a couple of bones and a full vertebra of an animal that I don't recognize. It also has compressed ground coverage about the size of a bear. I have to turn around the bike and I drop it again. Drop #4. (no pics, we are dead tired) I am completely beat picking it up. We head down the road and find a clearing and just camp there.

Cook dinner and go to sleep.

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