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DAy -12 St. John's - Gros Morne cg

Just a long day in the saddle. Newfoundland doesn't look that big on a map until you start adding up the mileage. The ferry from Argentia to NS didn't start running until 2 weeks later, so back across the island I headed. My original plan was to head to Twillingate for the night, but the weather changed my mind. Whats the point of camping on the ocean cliff if you can't enjoy the view. Plus after learning more about the Gros Morne park, I wanted to spend some more time there exploring and hiking.

Got up early and got loaded, said good bye and thanks to Murph, then headed out.

Chilly most of the way across. Narrows was decent no fog or wind. Rain started at terra nova and lasted to Gander. I stopped at an overlook at Terra Nova that was a couple of kms off the main road. It was raining a bit, but I swore it started snowing for a couple minutes.

Then the wind picked up. Was brutal and thought I was going off the road a couple times.

Found the Trans Newfoundland rail trail in badger and jumped on for a bit but wasn't feeling it, so I got back on highway.

Under different circumstance, this could be an awesome trail to ride.

Got to Trout River campground but was still closed. So rode back thru the tablelands

and the wind to Lomond CG. Decent but not as good as terra nova. But better view.

I got camp set up and made supper then decided to do a little bike maintenance, which didn't go so well.

Slippery shoes + uneven gravel + long day =

No harm done, so I cracked open my bottle of Screech and some pineapple Crush crawled in the tent to listen to the wind blow.
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