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Originally Posted by RicoAJP View Post
Hi guys, I became a big Kriega fan after purchasing my R30 backpack a few months ago and have been very satisfied with its quality.

As such when an impromptu trip from Toronto to California came up, I opted to purchase a US20 (with tank adaptor) and the US30 two days before the trip. I really liked 'Amanlikemikes' set-up on his scrambler and wanted something similar as I ride a scrambler as well. I required more room as this trip was to be done 2-up.

The US30 was attached to the tail rack and carried only clothes, chargers for the Scala-Riders and a bottle of chain lube. Until today the bags were working fine and I was perfectly happy. Today we got caught in some freezing rain where we got off the bike and put on rain suits from the tank bag.. I have this on video as I was recording at the time. The US30 was still attached to the tail rack and all was in order -it was not touched. When we got out of the rain and into town not 20mins later, the US30 attachment clips had ripped on both sides, one was torn off totally. I will attach some photos of this below.

Basically I have no idea what happened, my partner does not sit or lean on the bag.. Nor was the bag overloaded. I am trying to get in touch with Kriega now to see if I can get it replaced when we reach California. If I had owned the bag for a year or two and it happened I would say its wear and tear, but this shouldn't happen less than 10days after I bought it. I managed to strap the bag down relatively secure and continue the ride to Durango, CO where I am writing this.

Needless to say I am quite disappointed, but if the warranty is honoured i'd be happy to continue using them, they really are very good bags. I'm just glad I found out about the issue before the bag slipped off and fell into my rear wheel!

Edit - Pics Added.

How the bike was set up:

Right hand attachment nearly torn off:

Left hand attachment torn off:

Managed to continue riding this way:
Hi Rico,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. In the past few weeks, I've done about 20,000 miles of traveling. None of which were on my bike!

But the bottom line is: that aint right.

If you've got a proof of purchase, you've got a new pack. PM me and I'll get it sorted out right away.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

'Ave it.

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