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Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post
Can we see a peek at any 2014 gear ?

I only just got my first peek when I was over in England last week!

Because all the gear is designed and developed by just two blokes (Dom & Mike, who own the company) - not to mention the fact that they like to make sure it's 100% before release - new product isn't exactly churned out at the same rate as some other companies. However, 2014 will see the introduction of three new items.

Two of those are courier style bags, aimed more at urban riders (specifically those from the US who have requested a bit more compartmentalization for the gear they haul to work and back), but there is also a very tidy new 'Rally Pac' that I'm sure you'd dig. It's built to Dakar spec (i.e. regulation size), so not all that big, but is without a doubt the most solid and reliable minimalist tail pack I have ever seen.

The Rally Pac is currently at the production sample stage and the other items are only at prototype stage, but I'll post up pics as soon as they're out of R&D and I get the OK from the UK.


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