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Originally Posted by Rally_West View Post
Fired mine up today with my new CPR Rott (with red pre-filter) (2 into 1 Remus no baffle, although I may need it back in as I am kinda thinking stealthy is the new black)and Akro map loaded. Did the 15 minute mystical reset and spun it around the block. It feels pig rich and smells it too. I heard the comments about the very lean condition of the stock map (makes sense, KTM leaned it out for emissions I am sure) so I decided on the Akro right away. It looks like the only difference between the mapos is the fueling...since one map seems too lean and the other (at least in my case) too seems I could try to determine an average of the difference of the cell values and maybe use the percentage change function to increase of decrease one of the maps.

Does that make sense to anyone but me?
Did you turn the 02 sensors back on? or leave them off
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