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I learned a bit more today, I've been to a parking lot and doing some rt circles and straight lines car in the air about everyday. Tonight the woman friend and I headed out(supper ride) I took her and dog to parking lot for some circles she's a lite wt her and dog with jacket and helmet 150-60ish max.It was easy to put her up and do rt circle just a very hard rt, not so easy on the road every time I got a sharp right I tried to pick her up mostly couldn't do it easily(I'm no Dana).

My flirtation with diaster last Fri was a total panic on my part, we were working but car was down.It was closing the throttle and stabbing the rear brake.
Hell it's a left turn tactic, if you don't get enough rotation from closing the throttle while setting up a left add a little rear brake.
A supper ride is usually a minimum of 90 miles I streched it out to 140 round trip to practice the rts.Claude you build a really nice stable rig, it's damned hard to get rig with lite passenger into the air with spirited riding that's sane.I'm sure Tarka and Dana could do it but I'm not that skilled yet,it woud seem Tarka's observation of my confidence passed my skill level and left it for dead was very accurate.DB

I loved spirited riding on 2 wheels and was very good at it much better than I am with a chair, haven't been in any real trouble except the occasional speeding ticket in awhile, this sidecar stuff is completely different but we'll get it.DB
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