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I rebuilt the top end of my 950 (top end only) due to an odd water/oil exchange that was going on. I have an idea of what it take to rebuild part of your motor:
  • Cams on the early 950 are notorious for going bad, and the solution is 990 cams ($450 minimum),
  • then you need the cam chains, guides, tensioners, and gaskets ($400 minimum),
  • if you broke a cam chain and shoved a valve into a piston ($ {bend over} ),
  • then you need to remove the engine and reinstall it ($ {price of your free labor in addition to the cost of ambulance ride to the hospital after throwing out your back}),
  • then you need the shop time cost for the tools you'll need to break down the engine and get stubborn things like the flywheel off ($ {price of either every KTM "special tool" in the book or the hourly rate of your friendly KTM mechanic}), and
  • of course you are going to have the ancillary issues of other new parts along the way. ($ {FML}).

I wanted to preserve my 950 because . . . well, I'm anal. A normal person would have found a 990 and dropped it in by changing out a couple of parts.
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