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I haven't ordered the Íhlins set yet. I want my Tiger to be gone, sold, and paid for before we start spending money again. Sure, we could just order the set, but I like to discuss a few more things with Jim here. We'll move forward fairly soon on that.

Was thinking about installing them myself.

What is your weight? Rob said that the rear spring was way too hard. The R doesn't seem to be as bad, but the spring is slightly too much for my wife. On the front he said it was mostly the damping that made it so uncomfortable. The spring is on the heavy end of the spectrum that could be tolerated if the damping was better.

He definitely recommended a new shock for the front because the OEM one doesn't have any adjustment, the damping is way to sporty, and the spring not quite right. At the rear, definitely a new spring. Possibly a completely new shock. Therefore, pretty much what I was thinking anyways.

We did some more measurements the last weekend, left a zip tie around the front fork leg. Suspension used during a 100 mile loop of mixed riding (bumpy backroads, more bumpy backroads, a little bit of freeway and city) was 83mm of the available 120mm.
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