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Originally Posted by amanlikemike View Post
Hi mate,

Thanks for the feedback and the epic photos!

From what I can gather, the only negative occurs when you want to stretch your legs on pavement. Looking at the photos, it could be that further tightening the seat strap (to raise the bags slightly higher) might help with this. However, the Overlander 30 was designed for off-road use, so if it does it's job in that situation, perhaps not being able to slide right to the back of the bike on slab sections isn't such a severe compromise.

But, as ever, all this info is valued and appreciated. So please feel free to pass on any more opinions you may have.



There are a few surprises I found when utilizing the Overlander 30 bags, those issues were covered in this thread:

where I did a comparison of the Giantloop Coyote and the Kriega Overlander 30 bags. This being the Vendor thread I thought it might be inappropriate to post in this thread. PM me if you'd like portions relative to the Kriega bags posted here.

Yes the Over-the-seat-strap issue is my primary concern. i understand the bags are off road focused, as is most of my riding. Sadly there are very few places in the world where I can connect a weeks worth of off road riding without utilizing pavement connection sections. Therefore I am just a bit disappointed that there was not a better solution rather than the Camlock buckle in the middle of the seat. This however being the first design of the Overlander 30 bags I'm hoping Kriega can utilize customer feedback and critique in hopeful further product upgrades, much as GiantLoop did to create an improved Coyote bag.

Micheal can you help me understand what your trying to achieve with the suggestion of further tightening the seat strap to raise the bags slightly? I'll most certainly give it a go, but always like to understand the logic behind the thinking in case I am missing anything basic.

As my arm gets closer to 100% healed I'll be acquiring more pics of your bags in action. Today I loaded them up for another test run. This time mounted farther forward to see if it improved the bag stability.

If you get a chance to read the review and have any suggestions in terms of mounting I'm all ears.

Again thank you for all the help.
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